Ongoing classes for adults, kids, teens & seniors!

  • Strength Yoga with Weights
  • Butts, Guts & Thighs
  • Corporate Yoga
  • Yoga for Cancer Survivors
  • Family Yoga
  • Yoga for Men
  • Yin Yoga
  • Chair Yoga

(603) 458-5877

P.O. Box 498
N. Salem, NH 03073

The Boys and Girls Club
3 Geremonty Drive
Salem, NH 03079

Yoga is just a breath away

Camille Flaherty at Yoga Balance of Life is involved in health coalition and school systems as well as P.O.W.E.R. program at the Boys and Girls Club. After-school and summer programs are available.

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Camille Flaherty is always selling elegant yoga outfits along with mats and bags - all at a discount!

Ask about our YOGA PARTIES, for kids and teens!

Yoga has the unique ability to alter not only one's physical state, but also has a calming and serene effect on the mind. Alternative therapies have proven to be extremely successful in the healing process as well as palliative care.

Visit to learn more about how peritoneal mesothelioma patients are practicing yoga for therapeutic relief during cancer.

Latest Testimonials
"Being new to Yoga,I was apprehensive about joining a class.Camille and her Staff are wonderful.Whether you have taken Yoga for 4 weeks or for 4 years. The Staff is very helpful and makes you feel comfortable at every Level. Taking Yoga & Tai Chi has helped me physically and mentally. I have also started to lose weight after 3 months in the programs!
Thank you, Camille, for the encouragement to continue taking classes on a regular basis."
- Carole S.

"Yoga has changed my life! I have finally found something I love to do. I look forward to every class because it makes me feel great and I have lost weight! It relieves my mind from everything that went on during that day. It puts me in a great place!!
Thank you, Camille !!!"
- Jodi M.

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Weekly Classes

Comfort Room for Cancer Patients & Survivors:
Salem Boys and Girls Club
Wednesday: 11-12PM

Weekly Classes:
Salem Boys and Girls Club
Wednesday: 11AM-12PM

Cost: Unlimited classes per month for $55. Walk-ins are welcome and are $10 per class.

Students: Unlimited classes per month for $45.
$10 per class (Ages 15+).
$5 per class (Ages 2 - 14).

Family Membership: $75 per month for the WHOLE family.

Senior Citizens: 10% Off.

Camille and her instructors rotate during the month. All instructors cover all classes.

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