Our Mission

There comes a time in ones life that you have to stop and smell the roses. I experienced this feeling when I left the teaching profession to stay home with my daughter. It was difficult at first but I was blessed with this opportunity to watch her grow. Christina is my apprentice and plans on receiving her certification when she is 18. She became my student and time passes by so fast we forget to listen to our inner-self. Until one day during my daughter's swimming lesson, I joined a local health club and started taking yoga classes three times a week. I then taught my daughter at the age of seven and noticed how beneficial the yoga was for her overall growth as for me. The same health club asked me if my daughter and I would like to be interviewed by a local newspaper on "Family working out together". We acknowledged and the rest is history. I became a certified yoga instructor and I am now teaching children, teens, adults, and seniors. The wonder of it all is that I am teaching again. The subject has changed but LOVE of reaching out to others is the same.

When I teach yoga, I focus on calming the mind, lifting the spirits, and strengthening the body. Remember, Yoga is only a breath away and the Balance of Life is achieved within oneself!

This is how I created my logo "Yoga Balance of Life" showing two figures representing strength and unity holding their Chi at their finger tips.

Camille Flaherty
Yoga Balance of Life