1. I am so excited that my flexibility has come back in two short months. I am a Yoga Believer!! - Kim
  2. I saw the Yoga Balance of Life sign. Hmm, I thought, a Balanced Life? I decided to try it. I am sooooo glad that I did. The teachers & the people in the class are great! I feel so much better, even though I have only begun my yoga journey!!! - Deb
  3. Children's yoga instruction with Camille(Yoga Balance of Life) is part of an integrated fitness program here at the Salem Boys & Girls Club Pre-K and Kingergarten, that also includes swimming and physical fitness. It is designed to make our students aware, at an early age, of the importance of health and physical activity. - Maria Camerlengo, Educational Director of Boys & Girls Club
  4. Our kindergarten class has attended several yoga sessions with Camille. As they relax and listen for their favorite pose they anticipate making the animal sounds. In the classroom we concentrate on our breathing to help us calm down and focus. When asked their thoughts on yoga, some of the responses were:
    "I like it!"
    "I like it because of the poses!"
    "I like doing cat."
    "I went to Alligator land in Florida." (Crocodile pose reminds this child of a happy time.)
    "I like the owl and the dog (poses.)" - Leigh & Sharon - Gail Salamone - SBGC Preschool
  5. The addition of yoga to the kindergarten program has been fantastic. Camille is wonderful with the children and has fostered a love of yoga with them. The 5 & 6 year olds look forward to each yoga class. Yoga has been a learning experience that will last a lifetime for our students. - Gail Salamone - SBGC Preschool
  6. Yoga Balance of Life has helped me with my flexibility, balance, concentration, and is a great stress reliever. I enjoy every class I take because each class is unique and has such amazing results. - Sue
  7. I decided to try yoga to help my flexibility, strength, and reduce chronic back pain. Since starting yoga classes at Yoga Balance of Life only a few months ago, it has dramatically improved these areas. Being an avid golfer, I am sure that yoga will not only improve my swing but also my ability to focus more clearly on the game. I strongly recommend yoga classes at Yoga Balance of Life where personal attention is given to each individual. - Allan Putnam
  8. I enjoy the class very much. It helps me to relax and forget the world around me. It also provides a challenge in my life. - Zack
  9. After a year of indecision ( which club program or class to join) I decided to try Yoga Balance of Life. One class and I was hooked (first class free!) I feel I’ve made the best health decision for myself. My only regret is , "Why did I wait so long?" The instructors are the best! The variety of class times (3 per week!) Make it possible for anyone to work it into their schedules. If your life is stressful, and/or you’d like to tone your body, have more strength and feel all over better, try "Yoga Balance of Life." (It’s never too late!) - Georgette Smith
  10. Yoga Balance of Life classes are great for beginners as well as the more experienced. Truly relaxing for improving balance and physical fitness. - Cindy
  11. I’ve never done yoga before. After a couple of weeks, I was already feeling like I knew what I was doing. Yoga is a wonderful way to achieve a balance of mind and body. It’s exhilarating and relaxing. The instructors are wonderful! - Bill Paggioli
  12. I find yoga very challenging, but trying to extend my limits within my range of motion. It has become a very necessary part of my life and I feel blessed I have found it. Camille and her instructions have been excellent! - Bruce M. Clark
  13. Camille and her staff are wonderful. I have been taking yoga for the past 8 months and have experienced increased flexibility and strength. You feel as though you’re part of a family. Thank you. - Steve
  14. All classes are great. I’ve been doing yoga since I was 7 which means I’ve been doing this sort of thing since Mom first began. I consider that very special. I’ve gotten to experience all sorts of styles from all sorts of instructors. I’m very flexible and very strong. (Considering I’m quite small) But it’s the best thing you could probably do for yourself. Yoga increases all sorts of things your body needs such as strength, flexibility, muscle, and a healthier life. - Christina Flaherty
  15. Camille Flaherty is an excellent yoga teacher. She easily adjusts the level of the class to fit the ability and energy level of her students. After attending her class I always feel energized and balanced! - Mary Reese
  16. Having been with Yoga Balance of Life for 1 year I can honestly say that everyone, younger or older can benefit from this stress relief. You can increase agility and mental focus which yoga provides. - Eileen Egan
  17. Camille’s easy approach to yoga has put me at ease to be able to exercise without stress. For the first time in years the pain in my back as been reduced thru yoga and I am able to function without any pain medication. Thank you Camille! - Tricia
  18. Yoga has help my neck sprain immensely and my emotional strain enormously! - Shelley
  19. It’s amazing how you learn breathing and stretching techniques which make you feel better. This is what I have learned at Yoga Balance of Life. I have also experienced weight loss. - Cathy
  20. Camille, Thank you so much for teaching me yoga. You have a very special teaching gift that you share so unselfishly making us look and feel better. Your warmth and humor shine through as well as your kind heart - Linda
  21. I would not have believed it if you dragged me into a class screaming. I was the last person that I thought would be in a Yoga class. After taking a few classes I started to realize that there was something good about this form of exercise. I now try to attend class 3 times a week with you. It has helped me understand that life is too short to worry about who’s watching me in class and focus on reaching my goals both physically and mentally with your help. Thank you for opening my eyes to this wonderful gift. - Matty
  22. I joined Camille’s yoga class because I had a stiff hip and leg. After a few months they are no longer as stiff. The class has helped me work the stiffness out of them. The class is fun and I miss yoga when I cannot attend a class. - Lesley
  23. I have been taking yoga classes with Yoga Balance of Life for over a year. Camille is a fantastic teacher. I have learned a lot in her class. She is one of a kind. - Sue
  24. Camille’s class is great ! Very energizing , enjoyable, and diverse. Each week we learn something new. A great workout! - Audrey
  25. I joined Yoga Balance of Life to help my wife become more flexible. I found that it has worked well for me. My flexibility in my golf game has improved. I enjoy the classes and the instructors are great! - Bob
  26. Camille, I am very encouraged that your yoga classes can greatly increase my flexibility and help alleviate much of my back pain. Thanks! - Bruce
  27. Take 1 hour of your day to enrich your body, mind and overall health by doing yoga with Camille - Karen